Friday, December 24


unlike gävlebocken, my yule goat has survived many christmases, and will survive many more unless Lauren gets her little mitts on him.
Lauren on skype earlier: 'you might find one of his ears charred....haha'

Thursday, December 23

a rare sight..

(snapped this afternoon)

how to 'cook' a yule goat

1966 Stig Gavlén came up with the idea of a giant goat made out of straw. But it turned out that Gavlén organisation did not have enough funding for the goat. Then Harry Ström, who at that time was the chairman of the Södra Kungsgatan Ideella Förening (a non-profit society), decided to pay the whole cost for the goat out of his own pocket. The goat stood until midnight of New Year's Eve, when it went up in flames. The perpetrator, who was from HoforsGästrikland, was found and convicted of vandalism. The first goat was insured and Ström got all his money back.
1967 Nothing happened.
1968 The goat survived. Until this year there was no fence around the goat and it was popular for children to play hide-and-seek inside and around the goat. Also, it is said that one night a couple made love inside the goat. As a result, in subsequent years the inside of the goat has been protected by a chicken-wire net.
1969 The goat was burnt down on New Year's Eve.
1970 The goat burnt down only six hours after it was assembled. Two very drunk teenagers were connected with the crime. With help from several financial contributors the goat was reassembled, this time out of lake reed.
1971 The Southern Merchants got tired of the continual burning of their goats and stopped building them. The Natural Science Club (Naturvetenskapliga Föreningen:NF) from the School of Vasa (Vasaskolan) took over. Their little goat was kicked to pieces.
1972 The goat collapsed because of sabotage.
1973 N/A
1974 Burnt.
1975 N/A
1976 Ran over by a car.
1977 N/A
1978 Again, the goat was kicked to pieces.
1979 The goat was burnt even before it was erected. A new one was built and fireproofed. It was destroyed and broken into pieces.
1980 Burnt down on Christmas Eve.
1981 Nothing happened.
1982 Burnt down on Lucia (December 13).
1983 The legs were destroyed.
1984 Burnt down on December 12, the night before Lucia.
1985 The 12.5 metre (41 ft) tall goat of the Natural Science Club was featured in the Guinness Book of Records for the first time. Even though the goat was enclosed by a 2 metres (6.6 ft) high metal fence, guarded by Securitas and even soldiers from the Gävle I 14 Infantry Regiment, it was burnt down in January.
1986 The merchants of Gävle decided they were willing to build the goat once again. From this point on there were two goats built, the Southern Merchants' and the School of Vasa's. The big goat burnt down the night before Christmas Eve.
1987 A heavily fireproofed goat was built. It got burnt down a week before Christmas.

1988 Nothing happened to the goat this year, but gamblers were for the first time able to gamble on the fate of the goat with English bookmakers.
1989 Again, the goat burnt down before it was assembled. Financial contributions from the public were raised to rebuild a goat that was burnt down in January. In March 1990 another goat was built, this time for the shooting of a Swedish motion picture called Black Jack.
1990 Nothing happened. This year the goat was guarded by many volunteers.
1991 This year the goat was joined by an advertising sled, that turned out to be illegally built. On the morning of Christmas Eve the goat was burnt down. It was later rebuilt to be taken to Stockholm as a part of protest campaign against the closing of the I 14 Infantry Regiment.
1992 The goat was burnt down eight days after it was built. The Natural Science Club's goat burnt down the same night. The Southern Merchants' goat was rebuilt, but burned down on 20 December. The perpetrator of the three attacks was caught and sent to jail. This was also the year when the Goat Committee was founded.
1993 Once more the goat was featured in the Guinness Book of Records. This time the School of Vasa's goat measured 14.9 metres (49 ft). The goat was guarded by taxi and the Home Guard. Nothing happened.
1994 Nothing happened. This year the goat followed the Swedish national hockey team to Italy for the World Championship in hockey.
1995 A Norwegian was arrested for attempting to burn down the goat. Burnt down on the morning of Christmas Day. Rebuilt to be standing before the 550th anniversary of Gävle county.
1996 Nothing happened. This was the first time that it was guarded by webcams.
1997 Damaged by fireworks. The Natural Science Club's goat was attacked too, but survived with minor damages.
1998 Burnt down on 11 December, even though there was a major blizzard. Was rebuilt.
1999 Burnt down only a couple of hours after it was erected. Rebuilt again before Lucia. The Natural Science Club's goat was burnt down as well.
2000 Burnt down a couple of days before New Year's Eve. The Natural Science Club's goat got tossed in the Gävle river.
2001 Goat set on fire on 23 December by Lawrence Jones, a 51-year-old visitor from Cleveland, Ohio, who spent 18 days in jail and was subsequently convicted and ordered to pay 100,000 Swedish kronor in damages. The court also confiscated Jones's cigarette lighter with the argument that he clearly was not able to handle it. Jones stated in court that he is no "goat burner", and believed that he was taking part in a completely legal goat-burning tradition. After Jones was released from prison he went straight back to the US without paying his fine. As of 2006 it is still unpaid. The Natural Science Club's goat was also burnt down this year.
2002 A 22 year old from Stockholm tried to set the Southern Merchants' goat on fire, but failed. The goat received only minor damage. On Lucia the goat was also guarded by the Swedish radio and TV personality Gert Fylking.
2003 Burnt down on 12 December.
2004 Burnt 21 December, only three days before Christmas Eve. The fire brigade quickly arrived on scene, but the goat could not be saved. No new goat was built.
2005 Burnt by unknown vandals reportedly dressed as Santa and a gingerbread man by shooting a flaming arrow at the goat at 21:00 on 3 December.Reconstructed on 5 December. The hunt for the arsonist responsible for the goat-burning in 2005 was featured on the weekly Swedish live broadcast TV3's "Most Wanted" ("Efterlyst") on 8 December.
2006 On the night of 15 December at 03:00, someone tried to set fire to the goat by dousing the right front leg in petrol. The red ribbon on that leg was slightly burned and fell off. The lower part of the right leg was scorched, but the rest of the goat failed to light. The leg was repaired that morning. The Natural Science Club's goat was burned at about 00:40 on the 20th December, the vandals were not seen and got away. On the night of 25 December, a drunken man managed to climb up on the goat. Before the police arrived on the scene the man climbed down and disappeared. He did not try to set fire to the goat. The Southern Merchants' goat survived New Year's Eve and was taken down on 2 January. It is now stored in a secret location.
2007 The Natural Science Club's goat – was toppled on 13 December. The Natural Science Club's goat was burned on the night of 24 December.The Southern Merchants' goat survived.
2008 10,000 people turned out for the inauguration of one of this year's goats. No back-up goat was built to replace the main goat should the worst happen, nor was the goat impregnated with flame repellent (Anna Östman, spokesperson of the Goat-committee said the repellent made it look ugly in the previous years, like a brown terrier).On the 16 of December the Natural Science Club's Goat was vandalised and later removed. On the 26 of December there was an attempt to burn down the Southern Merchants' Goat but passers-by managed to extinguish the fire. The following day the goat finally succumbed to the flames ignited by an unknown assailant at 03:50 CET.
2009 A person attempted to set the Southern Merchants' goat on fire the night of December 7. An unsuccessful attempt was made to throw the Natural Science Club's goat into the river the weekend of December 11. The culprit then tried, again without success, to set the goat on fire. Someone stole the Natural Science Club's goat utilizing a truck the night of December 14. On the night of December 23 before 04:00 the South Merchant goat was set on fire and was burned to the frame, even though it had a thick layer of snow on its back. The goat had two online webcams which were put out of service by a DoS attack, instigated by computer hackers just before the attack.
2010 On the night of December 2, arsonists made an unsuccessful attempt to burn the Natural Science Club's goat. On December 17, a Swedish news site reported that one of the guards tasked with protecting the Southern Merchants' goat had been offered payment to leave his post so that the goat could be stolen via helicopter and transported to Stockholm.


Thursday, December 16


can't get enough of panda bear's 'last night at the jetty' at the moment.. just  b e a u t i f u l !





again and again and again and again and again..

snowschmow 8"/8h

..and still going strong!

(skåne today)

Claire, Lauren and Fiona.. you sure you still want to come over for new years!?!?!

(video: source)

Saturday, December 11

decplaylist tsilyalpced

little garçon .. born ruffians
the palm of your wave (bibio rmx) .. bibio
falling (autechre "fr 13" rmx) .. scorn
i will (los angeles version - httt disc 2) .. radiohead
revival .. soulsavers
oben beg (mk2) .. baikonour
svefn - g - englar .. sigur rós
may rain .. sand
a new error .. moderat
no more mosquitoes .. four tet
atlas .. battles
circles (unmixed) .. apparat
ramadanman / pitter .. modselektor
vcr (four tet rmx) .. the xx
too much, too much (by carter tutti) .. liars
nyc .. interpol
plants and rags .. pj harvey
when i'm in awe (feat. gonjasufi) .. the gaslamp killer
superspace .. quickspace supersport
kolniður .. jónsi
mirando .. ratatat
blue honey .. pop levi
baby day .. animal collective
lost time .. fridge
exit music (for a film) .. radiohead

Friday, December 10

s n ö e t c

(camilla on her birthday - 5/12)

(my dad and zlatan)

('good' snow)

('bad' snow)

(at this point i'd already been out for 2h and had approx 5h left to go.. inspiring!)

(right, mr and mrs x, no mail for you today then!)

(top/left: a possible candidate for 'build a new house...'?)

(frozen veg)

Thursday, December 2

just a randomish note ..

not exactly new news, but good un-new news nonetheless (iiif you know what i mean?!).. polly announced about a week ago that she'll be releasing a new album on valentine's day next year! exciting stuff!

(liking the album artwork a lot..)

here's a little 6 music Polly interview and a taster tune from 'let england shake', 'written on the forehead'

bought this album a few weeks ago. love the first track (reminds me of a track off the Juno soundtrack we used to listen to in the five library).

Wednesday, December 1

P A S S !

(most likely the important-est piece of paper I've ever had in my possession)

Saturday, November 27

my friday

(hack-i-hu'et - i crashed into one of the "kammarna" at work and as a result i'm now rockin' this rather lovely forehead-gash)

(snowsnowsnow.. and a man and his dog)

(more snow)

(sensible footwear. yes, i've finally given in to this most swedish-ish of things and bought myself a pair of water tight/warm boots)

(l-r: my hot chocky vs. my mum's tiny cappuccino with a backdrop of my sister behind some blurry person)

Saturday, November 20

london futures exhibition

this link was posted by one of the radiohead's on their website..

museum of london 1 october 2010 - 6 march 2011

(image (c) robert graves/didier madoc-jones - background photography (c) jason hawkes)

Thursday, November 4

c a t a t t a c k

this cat is on a mission to scratch each and every postie to a blood bathy death! this is a fairly peaceful pic, moments early (which i failed to capture) his little legs and big claws were air-scratching away at me. i usually leave the mail as in the above pic, but decided to go out on a limb today and post it in properly (as we're meant to do), and, erm, the little kitty kind of just happened to "accidentally" catch his little paws in the flap as it closed.....

Wednesday, November 3

a wednesday

(blåluvan / little blue riding hood)

(bl / lbrh again)

(found this on a letterbox on my round today: the national association for sugar addicts.. i kid you not!)

(on my way home at about 3.40pm.. )

Sunday, October 24

don't look now claire ..

x 3/day x 5 days/week x 52 weeks/year = ...
3120 lumps of sugar
780 cups of coffee

and then there's the tea and coffee i consume in my spare time too..... on the bright side, i am (probably) solely responsible for keeping the sugar industry in business.

me and "my" fiat 500

had nothing better to do so went to have a look at my future car at the fiat showrooms... :)

Saturday, October 16

G E N I U S b l o g

(yess, its glamourous, NOT glamorous - like the peepel att the oxford englich dicshinary must bee like so rong)

Saturday, October 9

hairy stuff

my little sister camilla (aka lill-strumpa) and i being styled by the super lovely sia at känsla hairdressing in norra strandgatan 11, helsingborg...